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Diamonds, Clear, Diamond, Gemstone, Invest, Small, Big


We at Hejra, are very pleased to welcome you!

We are happy to be at your disposal for the following services:

  • Diamond & Gemstone Appraisals

  • Valuables insurance

  • Purchase and sale of diamonds & gemstones

  • Referrals

  • Consulting

  • Certificates and Jewellery Passports

  • Diamond- and Gemstone Investment


Hejra is considered the reference for gemstone valuation and trading - globally and fairly.

In this way, we must not only gain the trust of our customers, but also adhere to our own ideals. Prestigious auction houses, nobles, jewellers, gem dealers and collectors from all over the world who seek unbiased, independent and infallible valuations of their gemstones all rely on this invaluable gemmological service.

Diamonds, Clear, Diamond, Gemstone, Invest, Small, Big
Diamonds, Clear, Diamond, Gemstone, Invest, Small, Big

Expertises & appraisals of gemstones and jewellery

When evaluating your gemstones and jewellery, more than 10 years of experience meet the latest technologies and procedures for determining quality, origin, value of material and workmanship.

We offer the following options for the assessment:

  • Inheritance valuation / Liquidation value

  • Insurance valuation

  • Commercial value estimate

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