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Purchase and sale of diamonds & gemstones

Thanks to over 10 years of international experience in the gemstone trade, we bring you not only seriousness but above all expert know-how in your jewellery and jewellery valuation.

We pay you fair and market-driven prices.

We buy high-quality diamonds, coloured gemstones, natural pearls and jewellery

Simple procedure

  • Contact us by e-mail, form or +41 79 208 25 68

  • Detailed information such as pictures and certificates make it easier for us to clarify the situation in advance.
    We will contact you immediately.

  • For a serious, careful valuation, we need the objects to be inspected.
    We will organise safe transport or we will be happy to come to you.
    Once the items are in our care, they are covered by our insurance.

  • We will make you an offer or take the pieces on commission.

  • If you agree with our offer, you will receive payment immediately.
    We guarantee a smooth and precise process.


Sell, how?

On online platforms, gemstone exchanges and the like, one sees time and again that gemstones, among other things, are offered for sale in addition to jewellery. However, this type of private sale is only recommended for collector's stones and pieces of jewellery of low material value - you should definitely leave the sale of high-value investment stones to professionals, be it auction houses, gemstone dealers or jewellers.

They can give a realistic price estimate, guarantee the security and professionalism of the transaction and, above all, they are the ones to whom serious customers interested in high-priced gemstones come.


First and foremost, you need the certificate for the sale, which proves the authenticity of the stone and describes it in more detail. Certificates are issued by gemological institutes and laboratories, and Hejra can commission this for you. For diamonds, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificates enjoy the best reputation internationally.

For sales, send the dealer or auction house a scan of your gemstone certificate and a photo of the gemstone. NEVER hand over the gemstone together with the original certificate until you have received payment for the stone!

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