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Immerse yourself with us in the world of gemstones and let yourself be fascinated. Our many years of experience combined with scientific fundamentals, complemented by international and cultural connections, promise interesting insights and glimpses into the world of gemstones.


First, preliminary gemmological examinations are carried out on the jewellery and gemstones by our specialist experts and then, if required, certification is carried out by an international gemstone laboratory.


Machining / regrinding

We recut diamonds and coloured gemstones if they are damaged. In addition, we can give you recommendations on how to increase the beauty and thus the value of a gemstone through processing.

Advice on inheritances and gifts

With an independent and fair valuation, we provide you with an initial overview of the gemstones, jewellery and watches available.

We will find out the best sales channels for you and how you can sell, give away or invest your valuables.

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