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Why invest in diamonds?

Diamonds are an excellent long-term investment. They are extremely stable in value, easy to transport and store and offer high protection against inflation. They require no care, no maintenance and do not deteriorate. Their price cannot be manipulated, as each individual stone is unique. Diamonds are finite - at some point the last mine will run dry and there will be no more natural deposits. Mother Earth stopped producing diamonds many millions of years ago and the last transport to the Earth's surface was about 150 million years ago! The demand for polished diamonds from the emerging countries China and India is increasing and could soon exceed production. You know yourself what effect the increasing demand with decreasing supply has on the price. And investment diamonds also yield interest - every time you look at these fascinating, glittering gemstones.


The diamond market

Yes, there are even two different markets: one for rough and one for polished. Rough diamonds are found in Russia, Botswana, Canada, South Africa, Namibia and Australia, among other places. Antwerp is the world's most important trading centre for rough goods.
Important diamond trading centres or diamond exchanges for polished diamonds are:

  • New York

  • Antwerpen

  • Tel Aviv

  • Mumbai

  • Hongkong

  • Shanghai.

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