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Geschichte Hejra
About Us

Our industry network, which includes dozens of experienced professionals in the mining, gemstone business, jewellery brands and their retail outlets, is a valuable asset to all. Hejra deals in diamonds, high quality coloured gemstones, natural pearls and high quality jewellery. The Hejra specialises in the private purchase of gemstones and jewellery and is also happy to explain about valuables insurance with you.

About the story of Hejra


The founder, Ahmet Arslan, was a talented jeweller with a passion for fine jewellery and exquisite craftsmanship.
Ahmet Arslan began his career as an apprentice at a renowned jeweller in Istanbul, where he learned the art of jewellery design and goldsmithing. After many years of hard work and dedication, Ahmet Arslan decided to open his own shop in 1952 to bring his creative visions to life.

Hejra and Arslan family quickly became a popular destination for jewellery lovers in Istanbul. Ahmet's skill and attention to detail were reflected in each handmade piece. His creations were unique and testified to masterful craftsmanship.

Over the years, the company grew in reputation with the Arslan family and expanded its range to meet the growing needs and desires of its customers. From delicate gold chains to sparkling diamond rings, Hejra had something for every occasion and taste.

Istanbul, old, fashion, bazar, osman, trade, investment, diamond, gemstone, labor, Ahmet Arslan, Ahmet
Istanbul, old, fashion, bazar, osman, trade, investment, diamond, gemstone, labor
Istanbul, old, fashion, bazar, osman, trade, investment, diamond, gemstone, labor


In 1987, Mustafa Arslan, Ahmet's son, and his family decided to move to Bern, Switzerland. They were attracted by the beauty of the city and the opportunity to establish their business in a new environment. The move was a big challenge, but the Arslan family was determined to continue their legacy.
With their expertise and renowned reputation in tow, they opened a new branch of Hejra in the picturesque city of Bern, but it lasted until 1997.

The Arslan family found new inspiration in the breathtaking Alpine landscapes and the cultural diversity of Switzerland, which was reflected in their unique designs.

Despite the move, Hejra's values remained unchanged. The Arslan family continued to believe in the highest craftsmanship, quality and personalised customer service. Each piece of jewellery was handmade with love and care to meet the individual tastes and wishes of the customers.


Today, more than seventy years after its first foundation, Hejra remains a symbol of elegance and sophistication. The company has adapted to the changing trends and needs of the market while still maintaining its roots steeped in tradition, and wants to get back into business and start a new era with the third generation.

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